John Horsley

SCOE and SCOP History and Background
Bill Hauser
Susan Mortel

AASHTO Center for Environmental Excellence Update
Shannon Eggleston

FHWA and FTA Update: Delivering the Planning and Environmental Provisions of SAFETEA-LU and Related Activities

Integrating Planning and Environment under SAFETEA-LU: Strategies for DOTs
Hal Kassoff
Jay Norvell Marjorie Kirn and Suzanne Marr

Linking Transportation, Land Use and Conservation Planning
Robert Leiter - SANDAG

Transportation Air Quality – Toxics to CMAQ: A Continuum
Gary Dolce
April Marchese
Michael Koontz


Policy Groups
Janet Oakley

State DOT Implementation of the SAFETEA-LU Environmental Process
Tim Hill
Fred Skaer
Kelly Dunlap
Kelly Dunlap EMO Website

State Assumption of Federal Authority
Cindy Adams
Brent Jensen

Historic Resources: Rules and Tools
Lamar Smith
Terry Klein

AASHTO Environmental Management System (EMS) Technical Assistance Program and State DOT EMS Case Studies
Brent Jensen
Wayne Kober
Brad Beckham

Improving the Quality of Environmental Documents: AASHTO/ACEC/FHWA Joint Effort
Carol Lee Roalkvam
Tim Hill

Environmental Research Strategy and Action Plan
Gary McVoy (Research)
Gary McVoy (Research)
Shari Schaftlein (Research)
Chris Hedges
Chris Hedges


FHWA Resource Center Services
Don Cote