Storm Water/Water Quality Issues
Russell Kaiser

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change
John Horsley
Carol Lee Roalkvam
Steve Winkelman

Construction of I-26 in North Carolina
Jay Swian, P.E.
Liz Jones


SAFETEA-LU Planning and Environmental Review Processes (6001 and 6002)
Marella Buncick and Dan Thomas
Brad Beckham
Kelly Dunlap
Bill Malley

Center for Environmental Excellence Update
Shannon Eggleston

AASHTO Legislative Development Process
Janet Oakley

Environmental Research Coordination and Results
Chris Hedges
Shari Schaftlein
Shannon Eggleston
Jan Edwards

Indirect and Cumulative Impacts
Cindy Adams
Dianna Noble, P.E.
Bob Deaton, AICP

Results of the 2nd National Survey of Partners in the Project Development Process
Alison Simon


Environmental Process and Analysis Subcommittee
Wilbur Smith
Cassandra Allwell

Natural Systems and Ecological Communities Subcommittee
Russell Kaiser
Scott McGowen

Resource Agency Update: ACOE, FWS, ACHP and Forest Service
Jennifer Moyer – ACOE
Carol Legard – ACHP