Monday, July 14, 2008

National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission Report and Transportation Authorization
Steve Heminger
John Horsley

Center for Environmental Excellence
Shannon Eggleston

Sustainability in Energy and Climate Change
John Horsley
April Marchese
Cindy Burbank
Randy Iwasaki

Transportation Authorization
Janet Oakley
Neil Pedersen
Tim Hill

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Incorporating Environmental Management Systems into Maintenance Management Systems
Kevin Walsh
Lacy Love
Cathy Nelson

Stormwater and Wetlands
Scott McGowen
Gary McVoy
Sonal Sanghavi

Vegetation Management and Invasive Species
Frannie Brindle
Mark McConnell
Ira Bickford

Air Quality, Climate Change and Energy
Mike Savonis
Megan Beardsley

Environmental Process and Analysis
Cassandra Allwell

Natural Systems and Ecological Communities
Jennifer Moyer
Ann Campbell
Scott McGowen

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

IPAC and FHWA Web Base BA System
Carol Adkins
Mary Ivey
Charisa Morris

Air Quality
Mike Savonis
Megan Beardsley
John Kelly
Randy Iwasaki

Lamar Smith
Loni Hyrnk

EPA and ACOE Updates
Jennifer Moyer

Ann Campbell

Environmental Streamlining Lessons Learned
Frank Pafko

TRB and SHRP 2 Research Report
William Hyman