​​​​​​​Welcome to the Subcommittee on Air Quality, 

Climate Change and Energy

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Chair​ ​: Colleen Tur​ner (MD)
Vice Chair/Research Coordinator: Christopher Voigt (VA​)
AASHTO Liaison: Melissa Savage, Bryan Hong

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As a work group within SCOE, the Subcommittee considers a range of issues relating to the air conditions, energy needs, and climate impacts that state departments of transportation​ face in their communities.  The Subcommittee looks at these issues through the following goals.  Please check back for further updates.

Goal 1: Serve as a mechanism for state transportation agencies to provide input and direction on national legislation, regulation and policy related to air quality.

  • Keep state transportation decision makers informed on air quality issues.
  • Seek member views on national air quality issues and develop a consensus AASHTO view.
  • Work with AASHTO staff and support to disseminate AASHTO views at the national level.

Goal 2: Actively participate in national discussions regarding the role of transportation in improving air quality

  • Develop partnerships with organizations in the air quality community such as ECOS, STAPPA/ALAPCO, AMPO, NARC, NGA and others.
  • Develop a list of air quality subject area experts from state transportation agencies to be a resource for the Subcommittee to call upon as needed and to serve as a link to the Center For Environmental Excellence.
  • Participate in national and regional discussions on transportation air quality.

Goal 3: Provide guidance and information for state transportation agencies to assist them in resolving issues related to air quality.

  • Publish information and new developments in air quality in Air Quality Alerts.
  • Summarize state practices and lessons learned.
  • Rely on air quality subject area experts to provide expertise, as appropriate.
  • Coordinate with appropriate TRB Committees including, but not limited to, the Transportation and Air Quality Committee and the Alternative Fuels Committee.
  • As needed, work with the Standing Committee on Planning on issues of mutual concern.

Goal 4: Improve and maintain Subcommittee membership and activities.

  • In addition to the annual Subcommittee meeting held as part of the SCOE annual meeting, establish a second regular Subcommittee meeting and routine conference calls.
  • Seek AASHTO support for enhanced activities.
  • Target, issues and technologies that are of particular importance to the States. These may include: conformity; CMAQ; modeling; NAAQS implementation; alternative fuels; etc.
  • Regularly review and, as needed, update the Subcommittee goals and strategies.
Current Work

States across the country are using innovative approaches and new strategies to address current challenges.  ​Please check back for information on work the subcommittee is performing.​