​​​​​​​Welcome to the Subcommittee on Communities & Cultural Concerns

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Chair: Gail D'Avino (GA)
Vice Chair: Carolyn McAleer Holthoff (OR)
Research Coordinator: Tony Opperman (VA)
AASHTO Liaison: ​Samantha Hoilett

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The Subcommittee focuses on the following goals as they relate to numerous areas of focus.  Please check back for further updates.

Goal 1: Provide guidance to member departments that assists them in resolving transportation project issues relating to cultural resources compliance

  • Publish information on cultural resources issues in the ETAP Alerts.
  • Summarize state practices.

Goal 2: Improve Coordination with other AASHTO Committees and/other organizations concerned about Cultural Resources

  • Work with the Environmental Process Sub-committee on streamlining issues for cultural resource activity
  • Coordinate cultural resource activity with the TRB Committee on Archaeology and Historic Preservation in Transportation and other AASHTO committees
  • Encourage interactive meetings and the dissemination of information among cultural resource groups.

Goal 3: Target, on an annual basis, the committees' efforts to emerging issues and technologies of particular importance to member states. These may include Cultural Resource issues such as:

Historic Bridge Inventories
Native American Issues
Unique Cultural Resources
Cultural Landscapes
Historic Roads

Goal 4: Disseminate a BMP's to member states

  • Update the Cultural Resources Handbook of best practices and disseminate to SCOE members.

Goal 5: Sustain and diversify membership on the Cultural Resources Sub-committee

Goal 6: Assess the Sub-committee's accomplishments as part of the Spring Meeting

Current Work

​Please check back for information on work the subcommittee is performing.