​​​​​​​Welcome to the Subcommittee on Environmental Process

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Chair: Darlene Weaver, OR
Vice Chair: Carol Lee Roalkvam, WA
Research Coordinator: ​Michael Trepanier, MA
AASHTO Liaison: Shan​​​non Eggleston
, Samantha Hoilett
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The Subcommittee looks at numerous issues through the following goals.  Please check back for further updates.

Goal 1: Improve project development process and integrate environmental considerations into the project development process

  • Strategy 1.1: Eliminate duplicative requirements and/or unnecessary regulation and processes
  • Strategy 1.2: Improve; the: system level planning process as related to environmental


  • Strategy 1.3 : Broaden the disciplines within the design process as related to environmental considerations in cooperation with the Standing Committee on Highways
  • Strategy 1.4: Improve and increase the public involvement early in the design process
  • Strategy 1.5: Evaluate effectiveness of individual project development procedures and processes
  • Strategy 1.6: Improve the process by which environmental commitments made during the project development process are carried out

Goal 2: Help make State Transportation Agencies knowledgeable regarding environmental issues

  • Strategy 2.1: Identify, develop and conduct needed training and conferences for AASHTO members and partners to accomplish the Environmental Process Principles

Goal 3: Target, on an annual basis, the committee's efforts toward critical emerging issues and technologies of particular importance to member departments. These may include individual environmental study areas of the project development process but are not limited to these only:

Rewrite of 23 CFR 771
Merging NEPA into Planning Process
TEA: 21 Streamlining

Goal 4: Disseminate BMP's to member states

Goal 5: Assess the subcommittee's accomplishments as part of the Spring Meeting

Current Work

Please check back for information on work the subcommittee is performing.