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Chair: Carol Lee Roalkvam, W
Vice Chair: Darlene Weaver, OR
Research Coordinator: ​Michael Trepanier, MA
AASHTO Liaison: Shan​​​non Eggleston
, Samantha Hoilett
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Strategic Plan

Environmental Process Subcommittee 

Goal 1: Provide policy support to SCOE and members related to environmental process.

EP Objective 1.1: Serve as a mechanism for members to review and comment on national legislation, regulation ​and guidance, coordinating with other AASHTO subcommittees and other organizations as appropriate.

Goal 2: Increase the capacity of members to efficiently and reliably deliver environmentally sound transportation projects, programs and services relating to the environmental process.

EP Objective 2.1: Assist members to improve the project development process by integrating environmental requi​rements and considerations into the various phases of project delivery.

EP Objective 2.2: Assist members in gaining knowledge regarding environmental issues through education, training, and sharing of information among the states.

EP Objective 2.3: Coordinate with other transportation associations, federal regulatory agencies, USDOT, TRB, and other AASHTO committees to share perspectives and seek solutions to existing and emerging challenges, regulations, and practices.

EP Objective 2.4: Annually assess emerging issues and prepare recommendations for SCOE Committee work plan.

Goal 3: Create the knowledge foundation for examining current and future environmental issues.

EP Objective 3.1: Identify and prioritize environmental process research and support priority research selection and funding, making use of and updating the Research Road Map as appropriate.

EP Objective 3.2: Conduct regular conference calls and/or webinars to conduct the business of the subcommittee and discuss emerging issues as deemed appropriate by the subcommittee. Discuss subcommittee accomplishments at the SCOE Annual Meeting.​