​​​​​​​​​​​​Steering Committee Membership List

Standing Committee on the Environment Steering Group
Chair: Tim Hill, Ohio

Standing Committee on the Environment
Chair: Matthew Garrett, Oregon
Vice Chair: Tim Hill, Ohio
Secretary: Shannon Eggleston, AASHTO

Sonal Sanghavi Maryland
​Peter Healey​Rhode Island
​Michael Hahn​Delaware


Marjorie Kirby Florida
​Kim Thurman Mississippi
Angel Deem Virginia

Tim Sexton Minnesota
Tim Hill Ohio
David Waldner Kentucky


Carol Lee Roalkvam Washington
Brandon Weston Utah

Susan Haupt


Standing Committee on the Environment Subcommittees

Air Quality, Climate Change and Energy Subcommittee
Chair: Tanisha Hall, Tennessee DOT
Vice Chair: Colleen Turner, Maryland DOT
Research Coordinator: Christopher Voigt, Virginia DOT
AASHTO Liaison: Gabriel Weil, Program Manager for Environment

Community and Cultural Concerns Subcommittee
Chair: Gail D’Avino, Georgia DOT
Vice Chair: Carolyn McAleer Holthoff, Oregon DOT
Research Coordinator: Tony Opperman, Virginia DOT
AASHTO Liaison: Lexie Albe, Program Coordinator for Environment

Environmental Process Subcom​mittee
Chair: Kevin Walsh, Massachusetts DOT
Vice Chair: Carol Lee Roalkvam, Washington State DOT
Research Coordinator: Michael Trepanier, Massachusetts DOT
AASHTO Liaison: Shannon Eggleston, Program Director for​​​ Environment

Natural Resources Subcommittee
Chair: Jane Haan, Colorado DOT
Vice Chair: Kris Gade, Arizona DOT​
Research Coordinator: Ken Stone, Washington State DOT; Kris Gade, Arizona DOT
AASHTO Liaison: Gabriel Weil, Program Manager for Environment

Environmental Research Coordinator: Kevin Walsh, Massachusetts DOT​