Committee on Environment and Sustainability

Welcome to the Committee on Environment and Sustainability

COES assists members in delivering a national, regional and local intermodal transportation system that is safe, resilient, economical, efficient, environmentally sound, and aesthetically and culturally sensitive.

To achieve this goal, we monitor federal environmental laws, regulations, procedures and guidance related to air quality, cultural resources, environmental process, and natural systems and ecological communities. We recommend and support programs and initiatives to streamline the environmental review process and promote environmental stewardship.

COES monitors national trends and promotes research on significant environmental issues as well as acts as a forum to disseminate and exchange information and experiences among Member Departments and various other AASHTO Committees and Subcommittees, including the sharing of best practices and other innovations.

Lastly, COES promotes practices that protect and enhance the quality of the environment and promote and encourage interagency cooperation and coordination in the resolution of environmental issues.

Service to AASHTO & State Members

COES is AASHTO’s  resource for timely, well-informed commentary and advocacy in the ever-changing arena of environmental policy-making and regulations. COES works to strengthen the skills and expertise of transportation professionals in all the states – especially in your environmental office, wherever located, whatever size – in meeting the environmental challenges of your programs.

All AASHTO members benefit from active participation in the work of COES and its four subject area subcommittees:

  • Air Quality, Climate Change, and Energy
  • Natural Resources
  • Cultural Resources
  • Environmental Process

AASHTO Liaison
Shannon Eggleston
Program Director for Environment