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Call for Posters and Session Participation

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Official’s (AASHTO) 2020 Joint Policy Conference: Connecting the DOTs will bring together five AASHTO committees and councils to meet and discuss critical issues surrounding multimodal freight and passenger transportation. Focus areas will include planning, freight, security and resilience, environment and sustainability, and active transportation. With an estimated 300 participants from all 52 AASHTO member departments, this is a unique opportunity to reach out and connect with key decision-makers at state DOTs.

We are currently seeking proposals for plenary and technical session topics from AASHTO members, TRB committee members, private industry consultants, and university students/faculty – all at the forefront of creating and implementing the latest innovative transportation analyses and solutions. Proposals and ideas may be submitted online via the questionnaire link below by April 3, 2020, for vetting and incorporation into the conference agenda. If you work in the public sector and would consider volunteering to help facilitate a session, please indicate your interest in the questionnaire as well.



Plenary Sessions:

  • Keynote: The AASHTO 2020 Joint Policy Conference will have two plenary sessions – one as a keynote opening speaker, and one as a keynote lunch hour speaker. Upon proposal selection, AASHTO staff will work with the speaker to determine presentation time (opening or lunch) and duration.

Breakout Session Formats:

  • Choose Your Own Conference Adventure: The AASHTO 2020 Joint Policy Conference will have thirty minute blocks of time in five breakout rooms, each dedicated to the following focus areas: planning, freight, security and resilience, environment and sustainability, and active transportation. Participants freely choose which sessions to attend. These sessions are ideal sponsorship opportunities from private sector solutions providers.
    Knowledge Sessions/Workshops: The AASHTO 2020 Joint Policy Conference will feature opportunity for more thorough discussion on a particular topic. The focus is primarily on disseminating information about current research, training, guidebooks, etc.

Poster Session:

  • Poster Session: AASHTO 2020 Joint Policy Conference Poster Sessions are ideal forums for DOTs, university students/faculty, and private sector consultants to present recent projects, case studies, or innovative solutions.

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Thank you for attending the Committee on Environment & Sustainability Annual Meeting. For more information and to view the presentations given, please click here.

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