Committee on Environment and Sustainability

Environmental Technical Assistance Program

The Environmental Technical Assistance Program (ETAP) is a critical resource for state departments of transportation that provides cost-effective services and timely information to assist state DOTs in addressing environmental challenges. The goal of ETAP is to supply AASHTO members with the tools and resources necessary to enhance their department’s program delivery, environmental streamlining, and environmental stewardship.

ETAP allows AASHTO staff to collaborate with the state DOTs and other topical experts to develop comments on relevant proposed federal legislation, regulations, and guidance. ETAP also provides opportunities for partnership building and collaborative problem solving among state and federal transportation and environmental organizations.

State DOT Benefits

ETAP supports national meetings for members on important environmental topics, as well as providing members of the Committee on Environment and Sustainability (CES) the ability to participate in environmental conferences of national importance. This includes the CES Annual Meeting, as well as other eligible, topical meetings. ETAP supports the development of comment letters to federal agencies on proposed rules and guidance, including topics such as stormwater, wetlands, air quality, and historic resources.

All contributing members of ETAP receive Bloomberg BNA’s Transportation/Environment Alert. This weekly newsletter highlights the latest developments in the field of transportation and environmental management, compliance, and stewardship, including federal legislative and administrative actions, state DOT case studies, and AASHTO program updates. Explore the latest issue.

AASHTO Liaison
Melissa Savage
Director Center for Environmental Excellence