Committee on Environment and Sustainability

The Committee on Environment and Sustainability strives to craft a national, regional and local intermodal transportation system that is safe, resilient, economical, efficient, environmentally sound, and aesthetically and culturally sensitive. Members provide critical support in delivering such systems.

Environment and Sustainability Membership

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Committee on Environment and Sustainability
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Standing Committee on the Environment Steering Committee
Committee Chair: Commissioner Margaret Anderson-Kelliher, Minnesota DOT
Vice Chair: Tim Hill, Ohio DOT

MAASTO State / Affiliation
Tim Hill Ohio DOT
Tammy Nicholson Iowa DOT
Tim Sexton Minnesota DOT
NASTO  State / Affiliation
LaTonya Gilliam Delaware DOT
Mark Lombard Pennsylvania DOT
Sonal Ram Maryland DOT
SASHTO State / Affiliation
Gail D’Avino* (Chair of Subcommittee on Community and Cultural Concerns) Georgia DOT
Angel Deem Virginia DOT
Kim Thurman Mississippi DOT`
Tony Opperman Virginia DOT
Carlos Swonke Texas DOT
WASHTO State / Affiliation
Jane Hann* (Chair of Subcommittee on Natural Resources) Colorado DOT
Carissa Watanabe* (Chair of Subcommittee on Environmental Process)  Utah DOT
Darlene Weaver Oregon DOT
Brandon Weston Utah DOT
Shannon Eggleston
Program Director for Environment
Melissa Savage
Director, Center for Environmental Excellence
Bud McDonald 
Administrative Coordinator for Policy
Phillip Burgoyne-Allen
Associate Program Manager, Environment & Active Transportation
Jennifer Billo 
Program Specialist for Environment